Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: What services does Sopranos offer?
A: We are a dual service company, specializing in professional Moving services and Junk removal services.

Q: Are you local?
A: Yes, we are a local company run by local people.

Q: What separates Sopranos from the competition?
A: Our service level is second to none and our rates are the lowest in the professional industry. In fact, we offer a "Best rates Guarantee" to all customers.

Q: How can we contact Sopranos?
A: call #289-312-1592 or toll free #1-877-586-5747, or email at

Q: What does Sopranos do for the communities?
A: We help various community charities and not-for-profits by offering our services at both a voluntary and also a discounted rate basis.

Q: Will you provide references?
A: Yes indeed we will. We have hundreds of satisfied customers.


Helpful Moving Preparation tips.

Weed down your stuff: Some people are packrats to one degree or another and if you've lived in the same place for several years you probably have closets and junk drawers filled with stuff you really don't need.  Start making stacks of what to throw out or donate to charities.  Organizations like Goodwill and Salvation Army will accept a variety of clothing and household goods. What you cannot get rid of by donation, we can remove for you.

Collect supplies:  If you’re doing your own packing, you'll need lots of boxes. If you don't have your own boxes, let us know what you need, as we also provide low-cost packing boxes (3, 4 and 5 cubic feet, wardrobe, picture and TV boxes).

Identify high-priority items: During a move there are two kinds of high priority items:

  1. Your most prized possessions, like family photos, birth certificates, passports, etc.  Plan on packing these yourself and transporting them in your car so they are never out of your control.  Ordinary household items can be replaced if lost or damaged.  If it's priceless to you, then you should carry it.
  2. Things you need every day, such as a handful of dishes, toiletries, Fido's dog dish, your car keys, etc.  These may not be highly valuable, but you don't want to lose track of exactly where they are.  Pack these yourself and keep the box handy so you can get in and out of it whenever necessary.  Keep out your cleaning supplies so you can finish up in the old house and take the cleaning materials with you to the new house.

Change your utilities and services:

Contact service providers for utilities such as water, gas, electric, telephone, cable and internet services to inform them of the impending  move.  You can let these companies know when you plan to be out of your home and into your new home so that your services can be switched over.  This will prevent you from paying for services you do not receive or having to provide a security deposit for your new residential service needs through the companies at your new location.

Postal Change of Address:

A change of address kit is available through your local post office branch office.  These forms prevent the possibility of others gaining access to your mail without your knowledge.  The mail will be forwarded to your new address beginning on the date you specify on your change of address form.  


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